Coupons and Discounts for Organic, Clean, Green Foods and Products

It’s not too often those of us who have a minimally processed foods diet find coupons worth our while in the Sunday paper or the fliers that show up in our mailbox every day.  But I have found a few sites with deals for foods and products I’m more likely to purchase, which include clean, organic, green foods and products.

Some Products will have a Facebook page with coupons on their page, for example Alexia Foods has a printable coupon.  Other companies of your favorite products may also have coupons you can print from their website.

The stores you shop at often may have coupons.  I joined the  rewards program & mailing list at Plum Market and every month I get a 10% off coupon emailed to me – this is helpful because I buy my grass-fed beef, natural pork and some other natural meats here.  Whole Foods also has a printable coupon section of their site.

Here are some online sources I check regularly:

Organic Deals – Here you will be kept up to date on deals around the web as well as a list of links for additional daily deal sites.

Mambo Sprouts  – you can also sign up for a coupon book that is mailed to you regularly.

More Daily Deal Sites I follow.  If you wish to use my referal codes for the following sites it would be greatly appreciated:

Plum District



Pure Citizen


If anyone else has some money saving tips on the healthy foods we love I would really love to hear them!  I am trying my hardest to get into couponing now that savings on ‘specialty’ foods is becoming easier to find.

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1 Response to Coupons and Discounts for Organic, Clean, Green Foods and Products

  1. What a great resource! I’m always look for some deals on healthier products. Thanks for sharing!

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