The Wheat-Free Challenge, Days 2-5

Sorry, I missed a few days of up dating but I didn’t forget about my challenge.

Day 2 (Friday) – I had eggs and vegetables for breakfast, more salad with nuts for lunch and fruit to snack on.  Some guacamole with celery instead of chips.  For dinner I met a girlfriend and we ordered sushi, it was delicious!  I also ended up picking off a lot of the rice so I could enjoy and taste all the goodies inside the sushi instead of getting full on rice too quickly.

Day 3 (Saturday) – Egg pizza for breakfast (post to come) with some veggies, cheese and leftover pepperoni.  For lunch I had a few leftover sushi pieces and then went out to run errands.  For dinner we ended up making grilled chicken with Italian marinade (Italian seasoning, some white wine and a little vegetable oil, let set in fridge for 30+ minutes then toss on grill).  Along with the chicken we tried some quinoa pasta with Trader Joe’s Vodka Marinara sauce and a spinach salad.  I purchased the quinoa pasta – it was tasty, I tried making it but I should have made quinoa flour with red quinoa which I don’t have right now.

Day 4 (Sunday) – Brunch (we ate at almost 11am) Eggs again and some mango chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s and some greek yogurt with cinnamon and honey (yumm).  I made Bill some Cinnamon-Vanilla French toast sticks, but I of course didn’t have any – but he said they were awesome, so I can’t wait to make them when I’m not on this challenge.  For snacks I had veggies and for dinner leftovers and a kiwi-strawberry smoothie.

Day 5 (Monday) – I had a really light breakfast, I am kind of embarrassed.  I just had a leftover mango chicken sausage (they are the size of a brat, not a little breakfast sausage) and coffee. For a snack I had some mini sweet peppers with greek yogurt dill dip.  For lunch I had a little bit of leftover quinoa pasta.  For my afternoon snack a spinach-mango smoothie.  For dinner more leftovers, garlic mashed potatoes and a green smoothie with spinach, mango, apple and coconut water.

Overall, this isn’t too difficult to avoid wheat.  Granted, I have not done any major grocery shopping and the real challenge will be over these next few days when we will eat out a few times because of obligations and convenience.  But I am sure I’ll find a way to eat some non-wheat foods!  I am sorry there has not been too much baking – what a busy weekend/week!

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    Hi Kristen!
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