The Best Thai Food. Our Visit To Thailand.

Early in 2010 my husband was sent to Thailand for work for 2 weeks. We found a crazy inexpensive ticket for me to head out there – so I went for a week. Well, it was a calendar week, but with a 22-24 hour flight and the time changes (more like date changes) it seemed shorter than a week. I left Detroit Tuesday, by the time I got to the hotel in Thailand it was Thursday 1 am. Then I left the hotel at Tuesday at 2 am and arrived in Detroit Tuesday at Noon.

Unfortunately I didn’t think to spend my time finding a kitchen I could visit, I was really intimidated by the language barrier and traveling in a foreign country alone. I had only really been to Canada and a resort in Mexico before this trip (as far as being out side of the US).

We took pictures of many of our meals, some places it wasn’t necessarily appropriate to bring our camera into so we didn’t get photos. But we really enjoyed the freshness of the meals, it was nothing at all like American Thai food, thank goodness. I really miss real Thai food now!

And, surprisingly shopping and dinning in Thailand was inexpensive, the Baht (currency) is roughly 1 Baht to $0.03 US Dollars. Our meals (several dishes) for the two of us (including drinks) was well under $10-$15 USD!

Breakfasts were at the hotel we stayed at, it had a beautiful buffet of traditional breakfasts to accommodate the diverse guests cultures. There were hot soups served for breakfast, cold cuts meat, granola/yogurt/fruit, salads, omelet bar, and fresh squeezed local fruit juice. We didn’t get any photos of breakfast but it was delicious.

Here are some pictures of our meals, sorry I can not remember (didn’t take note) of the name of the dishes but maybe some readers can help!

I mostly ordered soups that were made with coconut milk and had lots of fresh seafood and lemon grass and I think galangal, which was whole slices that looked like ginger.  I bit into one and you definitely don’t eat it (I think think) it was like bark! But it added great flavor!  I need to challenge myself to make a thai soup soon.

Here is a picture I found on another blog that is similar to what I ordered several times in Thailand:

And, here is an example of the amount of food we would purchase for maybe 500 Baht, which was roughly $15 USD (this picture doesn’t show the appetizer or desert we would order too).

Mai-Thia in a fresh pineapple, it was fun and appropriate for a day at the beach.
This was Bill’s beer of choice during his stay. He even got a Singha T-Shirt, lol.This was our lunch on the beach.  Doesn’t everything look so fresh and not drowning in sauce? It was so tasty.
This was our tour of the rainforest on a zip line.  We were so glad we did that, and we met some great people who came from around the world!

I thought I had more pictures when I started this post. But either way, it was a fun experience! Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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