Its An Omelet..Its Sunny Side Up…Its Both?

Toast Dipped In EggI have a fridge full of vegetables from a local fruit/veggie market and fresh brown eggs straight from a friend of a friend’s home.  I  woke up hungry and couldn’t decide if I wanted an omelet full of fresh sautéed vegitables or a sunny side up egg with runny yokes perfect for gooey toast dipping.  I decided to combineboth into a sunny side up veggie breakfast. It was simple, as you can imagine…

Sauté desired vegetables in a non-stick small frying pan with a splash of EVOO.  When your vegetables are softer and the taste is released crack an egg or two over the vegetable.  Add salt and pepper to taste and cover with a lid so that the heat is trapped and slightly cooks the top of the eggs (so you don’t have to flip).

In the meantime prepare your toast.  When the yokes appear to be prepared to your preference sip the eggs onto your plate and top with cheese, in my case I sprinkled my eggs with goat cheese.

Eggs and Coffee
Pour yourself some coffee or orange juice and enjoy this hybrid breakfast.

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2 Responses to Its An Omelet..Its Sunny Side Up…Its Both?

  1. Brett Borsvold says:

    I never get bored with egg experiments, looks like it was fun!(and tasty!)

    I cannot wait to have a stove again… omelets… etc.; never thought I’d get tired of quiche.

    Keep up the good work!

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