Me, My Kitchen & My Adventures

I’ll keep this simple. I’m not a professional, but I enjoy learning – often it’s on my own, not in fancy culinary classes (Although I’d love to have the time to attend). I also enjoy sharing – which is why I want to share my recipe adventures with you. Sometimes I can create my own recipe, at least I think it’s my own, but often I start with someone else’s recipe and add my own twist, flare, or fling.

I like: Experimenting w. Food, Healthy Eats & Living, and Chocolate. Oh, and a clean kitchen before I call it a day.

I dislike: Not very much. I’m good at: Cooking food my husband will eat (like that’s very hard). I’m not that great at: Baking – takes too much detail/measuring. As you will learn, I’m a bit flamboyant in the kitchen. I make big messes!!

My favorite kitchen tools: KitchenAide, Food Processor/Blender, Knives, Food Saver, and anything else you’ll find in my kitchen. Oh, and my Dyson for the disaster of a mess I often make.

My kitchen is: Smaller, probably designed by a man, but it does the job and I’ve had many successes in it so far. I hope you enjoy my home-brewed culinary adventure!

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